From the first day till now I remember being here. This house confined to a big land in the outskirts of a tiny village. Very few people lived in this town. Everyone knew each other and functions were always celebrated together cause everyone was family in the end. The house was simple with it’s columns holding the tiled roof. A front patio near a small garden of flowers and trees. A well at the rear of the house filled with water and stretch of trees of various sizes. I remember the day my family moved in. Mom, dad and us 3 kids. Dad used to run the local mill and mom well, mom always did what a mom does, take care of everything. Us kids did whatever we could. I was the shy one though, but that was not the case with my brothers. They would climb the trees and do their monkey business all the time. Years went by and we all grew the way we should and we each had our memories. Scribbling on the walls, marking our height on the pillars, gardening the patio, plucking the fruits off the trees and devouring them when we pleased and many more. There was also a time when I tripped my brother while he was running around. He fell and scrapped his knee so bad that he bled all over the place. It truly was a mistake and I felt so bad about it. But he laughed it off. I tried to be more mature from then on and be the more responsible brother that I should be. Schooling and then college, time flew by so fast but we always stayed together as a family. Vacation time was the best, our relatives would join in and the entire house was full of life. Music, games, chit chat, food and fun. Everyone had their own gang and it was truly one the most fondest memory of life. But with all occasion comes the time for farewell and the time when my heart would go empty. I didn’t mind it though. Experiences are everything in the end.
Over the years my brothers had gotten great jobs and left this town to pursue bigger dreams. I was so proud of them but they couldn’t take Mom and Dad with them. I decided to stay behind and be there for them. When my brothers returned we had some shocking news though. Both of them seems to have married off to a girl from another town and did not utter a peep for months . Mom and dad were furious. I didn’t see a problem but I felt bad that we were not part of their hour of happiness. After hours of fight they finally reconciled. To make it officially known we decided to host a function and invite everyone to our house. The house was filled with colorful lights and sound system. Everyone in town was there to enjoy the occasion, it’s been so many years but I can recall everything that happened that day. It was truly and unforgettable day of my life. But as time flew by things changed. People change. Mom and dad were very weak and I did what I could but that was not enough.

Bad Ending

My brothers changed for the worse. I don’t know if it was them or because of their wife but it was all money they thought of now. May be the world outside this town is like that. They would fight constantly on who got what and it reached the pinnacle when it hurt mom and dad more emotionally than the physical toll of their age. The finally decided to forge the will and soon after; both my parents passed away, one after the other in a matter of weeks. It was a rainy time and the rain hid my tears well. With both of them gone and both the brothers coming to an agreement they decided to tear down the house and me and then, sell off the land. It’s fine. I’m just a house in the end. I won’t bleed nor can I scream. It’s all just property and my worth matters only as long as you need.


Good Ending

My brothers flew in and they knew it that their parent’s clock would eventually stop. The will was written, mom and dad knew how much the house was part of the family and wanted my brothers to make sure they kept it as it. I stood along with them during their last breathe and it was time to say good bye. My brothers would leave me behind from time to time but that’s fine I’m a house after all. But I know they would return with their family and my nephew’s. I will wait here strong. I may damage overtime but I won’t die. I will be a part of this family till the day they won’t need me but that’s fine. Wasn’t that my mom and dad built me in the first place, to be the home that her kids could return to.