Everyone faces ups and downs in their life. However, there is a point in life you reach dead bottom, a pit from which you can never crawl out from. A pit so deep that all you can do is wait until you rot away, until you become an ancient artifact. As I sit in this pit I recall my life, a life that started in such pit. A pit that had many of my kind. Rounded up as if you would pick garbage to dispose. Yeah, garbage; that is what we were. We were never individually useful to any one yet the people who came after us knew what we were, what we can become. They took us to their warehouse where our training began. A place where there are no laws, a place where whatever happened happens, there was no one to question. This was our hell.

We were lined up, beaten, burned, frozen over and over again until we felt no pain, until we had no conscious or emotion, until our hearts froze and were devoid of any warmth. We were trained to be the best hitman possible and nothing more. After the ordeal is complete you finally have to pass through a trial. This trial varies per person and is something that is decided upon when your training starts. I was taken through a tunnel to reach where my trial would be. It was dark and long tunnel, and as I moved further and further into the tunnel, I was finally able to see the light at the end. It was a grand stage and I was welcomed by a fat slob. At the side of the stage I could see a pit dumped with the remains of other men. That’s right, these people had no time for weak men. Any signs of weakness and you are tossed out like garbage to rot after they have taken everything that can be used from your body.

My task was simple, one hit, that’s all I’m allowed to take this slob down. I did not hesitate or finch for a second. The moment I was asked to start, I gave the death blow. One full swing and I cut his body in half diagonally, and just to make sure I can prove my strength, I went for the second blow in the blink of an eye and split him across the middle. It was so fast that I felt nothing when I delivered the blows, heck I think he too did not get a change to feel anything. My cuts were so good that you could see his insides still intact while he oozed out to his death. That was enough to prove my worth. I was finally ready to be bought for who ever paid the price.

The day was not far, as I was bought by an organization where they already had men like me, people who fought to stay in the game to avoid being the one to be discard. They were all old you can see that they had their share of experience. However, I’m not here to join forces or befriend them. I’m here to take over as the number one and not to be the one booted out. It did not matter if my victims were big or small, men or women, I did my bidding on that grand stage to prove I was number one. It was intoxicating to violate others when you have such power and sometime it was too much that would hurt my own masters to show that I cannot be tamed. Days passed and I have already marked me turf/territory with a couple of scars here and there but they were minor.

However, it all changed one day, may be it was fate for me to fall, to repent for my sins. While I waited for my next event a kid came over to me. “Hey kid, this is not a place you need to be at. Beat it.” I think he did not understand where he was nor did he know what he was getting into. “Are you lost?”, I asked. He just smile while he held my hand trying to show me something. “Ok. I will follow you just so you can leave this place. It is not safe for kids like you, especially around people like us.” For a minute, I felt something different, something I have not felt in while. What could it be? I pondered while I walked with him. It is that when the worst thing could happen, the kid slipped and while I tried to catch him my blade pierced though his chest.

His blood felt warm as it dripped down his chest and it looked I too was experiencing emotions that have never crossed. “Why is that?”. I have done countless executions, but never did I ever feel anything. “Was it because I did the bidding because I had to ?”. “Am I feeling guilty because I this because of my own actions?” The kid bleed slowly and I could do nothing about it. His parents finally found us, him dying slowly while I drowned in his blood. I was immediately pull out his body and thrown out into the garden while they rushed him to the hospital. Now, here I lie in a pit drenched in his blood waiting to become a relic. A relic that may have killed a kid. “Was it my fault for being the best at what I do?” “Was it his parents fault for keeping me within his reach?” I do not know the answers for these questions. Do you?