“So beautiful”, that is all that I could think of when I looked at the moon which showered it’s light at me through the window where I sat everyday to gaze the world around me. Ever since I was born the only outside world I knew was through this window and the room where I spent the rest of the day. But it did not matter that my world was so small, because I had him with me. Everyday he would take care of me and join me to gaze upon this small world while he talked his heart out. He always had a look in his eyes when he looked at me, the kind that makes you blush red. Today was a perfect day, I thought as I waited for him to return home to gaze upon the full moon together. However, what unfolded to be nothing more than a reality check.

It was 9:30pm when I heard the footsteps outside the house. However, it did not look like he was alone this time. As the door opened, I saw him walking in with a girl. I couldn’t hear what it was about but both of them had tears in the eyes as if the topic was to hilariously to contain their laughter. “Who was she”, “ why is she here so late at night” and other questions ran though my head. I wanted to voice them out, but I was too shy and nervous. All I did was wait near the same window hoping that she would leave and I could continue with night with him.

They kept on speaking for hours and not even for a moment did it occur to him that he kept me waiting. They seemed close..too close. I just wanted to scream at them…at her…at him with my face full red with anger, for making me feel the way I felt. At that instance she looked at me. I was paralyzed by the turn of events and could not utter a sound. It looked as if the topic turned as they now both looked at me when they spoke.

He got up and walk towards me while grabbing a poker knife. “Wait, what is going on”, “ why a knife”, “what did she say to u to make you pull the knife”, these questions ran through my mind while I was petrified at that same window.

He grabbed me at my legs and stared to cut with the tiny pocket knife.” It hurts!” I screamed. A scream that fell on deaf’s ears. I fought back as much as I could by driving my nails into his hands causing them to bleed, but it was not effective as he pushed the blade against my legs even more when I resisted. After half way through he stopped using the knife and used his arms to snap my leg into two pieces. I was horrified with the turn of events.

“Why is this happening “i thought you loved me”, “ why did we reach this road”, all these questions flowers though my mind as he carried me over to her. “This is for you”, he said as he gave me to her with his bleeding fingers.

“Was this my fate?” “I know we were from two different worlds, but was I only a replacement for her when she was not around”? “Were all those words that you spoke to me meant for her”? “Was I only a flower for you in the end”?