With the birds singing their song at dawn, slowly the sun’s rays entered the cottage window and fell on Scott’s eyes. He rolled around his bed to avoid it, however the sun had no plans to budge for his actions. “Wake up darling, time to get out of bed”, words were uttered by a woman who sat by his side with her head close to his ears. He woke up to the sight of a lovely woman who greeted him with a smile which would melt even the toughest of the icebergs by its warmth. However, this warmth was still unfamiliar to him. He had recently been in an accident causing severe amnesia and he is still yet to recall his memories. The cottage where they stayed was deep into the woods. One would question if it was right to be so far away from the hustle of the city where you had most of your memories, however does the reeking familiarity of pain and anguish help anyone? His fiancée did bring him here to heal, so that they two could work on this at their own pace, to fix what is broken.

Everyday he would feel blessed to have some as beautiful and loving as her in his life, however he could never recall a thing about her. He wanted to reciprocate the same genuine feeling for her, however in his current state he couldn’t. He would try really hard and it only ended up hurting his head even further. The only memories he had of her were on the diary that sat next to his bed. Every day he would go through same pages where he had written all of his life, their life, a life where he woke up, lived, and slept off into the night with her. Every day he would see his fiancée do the same things written the diary to the finest detail mentioned in it. He loved how his fiancée was still the same while he wasn’t. However, even the diary did not have all the answers he was looking for as the last entry on the diary ended up with an action stating they were out to meet someone important to her. Initially he always asked her about that day, however she always changed the topic. He never forced her as he could see it made her uneasy. Frustrated by the lack of answers to his questions he would squabble a lot and his fiancée did her best to comfort him, just like it was written in the diary. One day he ended up saying something harsh to her, “You do the same things as in the diary, why don’t you do something else for a change”. He knew these words would hurt her, however he on his own was in a lot of pain. With a smiling yet tearful face she said, “I am sorry, but you did write the smallest detail possible about me like a girl in that diary. I am not sure if I can be any different than what is written. If you did not have the diary you might not have felt this way”. When these words were spoke something happened. It was not guilt that ran through his mind, but a flash of image. His head pounded hard when he tried to see what it was and he collapsed when he pushed himself beyond his limit.

When he woke up he felt different, everything felt different to him. He walked up to her and confronted her, he asked what she had felt about the diary he had. Casually she said, “I am not sure why you write a girl in a diary, I have never heard of any man every do such as thing”. Again, these words ran a spark in his head but this time a vision of another woman brushed through his head. This time he was smiling, he had a genuine smile which he had never felt before. In this blissful moment, the diary fell from his hands and a photo fell through one of its hidden chambers. It was a photo of him with someone else. The entire house had no pictures and this was the first picture he had seen ever since he had woke up in this place. When he looked at it he knew the person in the picture was his soul mate, she was everything to him and she was the reason the diary came into his life; however, if that was the case who was this woman with him all this time, the one who took care of him for so long?

When he finally opened his eyes he saw the look on her face, he knew the cat was out of the bag for her. “Answer me, who are you?”, said Scott with a confused and enraged voice. “How I wish you had just forgot all of it. How I wish you had remained the same way you are now. I would have taken care of you till the end of the world”, Eva uttered these words with a familiar tone that he had heard before. “I told Lily how much I loved you, yet she never gave up on you. I was her best friend and you came between us. You made us choose one over the other, that I why I called you both that day to settle things once and for all. If I couldn’t have you I wouldn’t let anyone else have you. I had to literally stab her in the back and you have no idea how it felt. I did all of this for you yet you still went for her, that is when I bashed your head so hard. I would have killed you that day if it weren’t for your face, the face that I fallen for. That is why I had to take you all the way here, away from all the things we ever knew. However, look how fate unfolded, you ended up forgetting everything. I thought this was my second change to be with you. I read your diary and tried to become the girl of your life, however it looks it was a short lived illusion as well. Now that we have reached the same spot, this time I cannot let you leave me behind. I cannot go on like this because of you.”, said Eve with tears rolling down her cheeks and grabbing a kitchen knife. “Are you going to attack me? Do you think you can overpower me this time?”, said Scott with his eyes focused on her. “No, I know that will never happen. Right now you are looking at me, that is all I ever wanted. I know I cannot stop you, however I can leave you before you do”, said Eva as she ran the knife straight into her heart with all her might. You could see and feel it was a single instance of pain that went though her. “You might not understand this, but all is fair in love and war, everything I did was fair for my love”, uttered Eva as she bleed slowly at the kitchen table. Scott rushed to her and held her tightly to his chest, it might not be love which made him do it, but he want to let her die in peace with a memory that she longed for, even if his peace was already lost because of her.