It was Christmas, with lights lit up across the street. I was headed to our usual hangout to relax and enjoy the festivity with my boyfriend. However, when I reached the place it looked different. The lights were out and the doors and windows were shut. We do usually crash at the place during the night to have a nice midnight picnic, but we decided to overlook the ambiance this time. I thought, may be the place looked different because every other house had their lights on. We entered the room and it was cold. Too cold than usual. There was something definitely different and we were not sure what was it. My boyfriend started to move towards the next room to look for food while I waited at the living room. Suddenly, I heard a loud spark from the other room followed by a faint scream. It sounded as if someone got electrocuted, but why? I decided to rush to the room but by then I saw a shadow. It was a dark figure with his half his face covered with a mask and a bat which echoed the sound of a taser. I was too shocked to react. Should I run or should I hide, I did not know, but my body did. I quickly hide underneath the desk that was in the living room. I could hear his footsteps as he moved closer and closer to the desk. I hoped and prayed that he should not find me. It was dark hence I though I would survive this if I did not make a sound. But I was too naive. The guy quickly looked underneath the desk and gassed me. I tried to run, however I started to suffocate with the smell and fell unconscious. I barely had consciousness when the lights were turned on. I did not know what I did, or why it ended this way. I looked at the can that was kept near my face and I tried to read what was it.h…i…t, it read. As I lost consciousness I could fell the electric bat being moved closer and closer to electrocute me.